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Below are some testimonials from some of our customer's and their pets. If you would like to add your testimonial to this page please contact us and let us know.

Hi I am Luna and my mommy made these special tiny healthy treats just for my tiny mouth. I loved them so much that I share them with all my friends. My favorites are all of them but I will dance for the pumpkin.


Hi I am Dusty and I was the reason Lunas Little Bits started. I am a Lhaso Ahso and my teeth are tiny and kind of messed up. Lunas mommy Michele decided one day to make treats that I can eat that were healthy. My favorite treat of all time is the Cran-Apple. They are my yummy.....please try them I love them.

My name is Ginger and my love for these treats are crazy...I usually eat EVERYTHING but I will say the Peanut Butter treats are so good that I will dance around to get one.


I am Flashie and I am a Min Pin with a cleft lip. I have problems eating some treats but Lunas treats are small enough for us to enjoy and they are soft like gingerbread. I love them all!

Hi my name is Fred and I am a dauchsaud. I love Lunas Little Bits very much, the peanut butter are my favorite. They taste so much better then the store ones.


I am Lucy, a 4 month old puppy with lots of energy. Lunas treats are healthy and yummy. I love all the flavors and they are easy for me to eat.

Hi my name is Pooka Pie. Luna's Little Bits cranberry / Apple and Peanut Butter are my favorites!

Hello, my name is Aiden and i absolutly love Luna's Little Bits Peanut Butter!

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